This product is a co-partnership with On The Town Riddles LLC and Dining in the Dark Detroit

DINE in the DARK - A Deliciously

Different Sensory Experience!



Sight, sound, touch, taste and smell.

Most of us take them for granted, and effortlessly combine them to produce our daily sensory experiences. But what happens if, just for one evening, we give our visual sense a rest? What if we rely only on taste, smell, touch, and sound to produce vivid imagery that might elevate an ordinary experience into the extraordinary?

Dining in the Dark Detroit offers attendees the chance to do just that – to temporarily abandon their sense of sight in order to put their remaining senses to the test. This three-hour experience will feature a delectable four-course dinner.  Guests will be masked in a candlelit room, and will immerse themselves in the tastes, aromas, textures and sounds of a creative gourmet meal.

Dining in the Dark Detroit promises to be a deliciously different dining experience perfect for a fun evening with friends, coworkers, family or more. After the meal, guests will have the opportunity to meet the Chef, discover their menu through photos and to discuss the experience.