Riddle for fun answer


Also known as a Swing State in presidential ellections, the Republican State of OHIO is the answer we were looking for.  As a republican state it is considered to be a "Red" state.  With O at the start and O and the end of the name, it is considered to be round on all sides.  With HI in the middle of the name, it is considered to be HI in the middle.

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1. Get Registered

Before the deadline

Get registered and receive your confirmation number.  This month long scavenger hunt/riddle throughout the Metro Detroit area has fun with friends written all over it.  Scavenge the town finding clues and finding new places to visit.  Grab a drink, find new food, discover shops and other hidden gems throughout the area while trying to master the ultimate scavenger hunt/riddle hunt.  Register as yourself, as a couple or as a team and enjoy the fun interactive tale of Jimmy’s Riddle. 

2. Get Locations

​At the start of the contest

Each registered participant will receive a list of Clue Keeper Locations.  Obtain clues, riddles and tasks at these locations to figure out Jimmy's Riddle.

3. Collect it in 30

30 days from the start of the contest

Collect clues to the riddle all around the metro area from March 15th through April 15th. All clues must be collected (average 10 to 15) and an answer must be submitted before the 30 day deadline - 1 submittal per registration. If answer is correct, registered participant will be awarded grand prize unless tie breaker is necessary.  All clue cards and registration number must be presented to win, so don't loose them!

​4. Submit Answer

On the Answer Submittal Page

You will enter your registration number, email and password, and take your shot at answering the riddle...WHERE IS JIMMY'S MISSING BODY.  Once you have submitted an answer you will have to wait until the end of the contest to learn if you have solved Jimmy's Riddle.

5. Answer Revealed

At the end of the contest

All registered participants will receive an individual email that will inform them if their answer was correct or not and if they qualify for the grand prize.


Get the invitation

All correct answers, close answers, witty answers and answers of that nature will receive an invitation to the Grand Finale.  This will be a FREE event hosted at a surprise location.  Tie breaker competitions for correct answers will take place at the final event in the riddle form of coarse.  Grand Prize will be awarded to the last participant standing (must be the registered participant).  Be the first to figure out Jimmy's Riddle!